BBC Celebrity Overcomes Infertility

You may not know who Lucy and Rhodri Owen are but they're a well-known Welsh couple that are recognized by fans of the BBC. They are both television news presenters in Wales who met on the job and married naerly four years ago. Both of the television news stars have wanted to add children to their partnership. However, they have struggled with infertility which made this goal difficult to achieve. They were happy to announce last year that they had overcome the problem of infertility through the use of in vitro fertilization. Of course, you never know how IVF pregnancies are going to go. There are a lot of complications that can come up in these high-risk pregnancies so many women hold their breath for those nine months (and keep their doctor's number on speed dial!) The couple can breathe easy now because the baby has been born and is healthy. There is no word yet as to whether or not the couple will use in vitro to conceive again in the future. Question of the Day: How would you feel about your infertility being under the celebrity microscope? photo link
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