Birth Control Pill Can Actually Help You Get Pregnant

Women who are taking birth control pills are trying their hardest not to get pregnant. Little did we know that you can also use these pills to assist you with conception if you're having trouble with infertility issues. New research reveals that birth control pills can be used to control the timing of ovulation in order to assist doctors and patients with mroe effective use of in vitro fertilization. Basically, the short of it is that women who are using IVF to get pregnant have to make sure that they're timing everything around the specific part of the month when they might be able to get pregnant. The new study showed that "a two-week intervention treatment using a standard low-dose birth control pill can help time egg harvesting" so that the process is more controlled and less reliant on chance than it has been in the past. Timing is a difficult thing to coordinate in this day and age when life is so busy. Both the fertility doctor and the woman trying to get pregnant need to be on the same schedule. This method allows the schedule to be controlled in order to optimize the procedure and increase the chance that the IVF is going to be effective. It's a finding that is important in the modern world. Question of the Day: Would you be interested in using birth control pills to improve the likelihood that your IVF treatments would work? photo link
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