Celebrity Fertility: JLo Confirms She Didn't Need In Vitro

When Jennifer Lopez finally got pregnant last year, many people speculated that she must have used in vitro fertilization to conceive. She's pushing forty, an age at which it is still possible to get pregnant with the help of infertility treatments but also an age at which that likelihood is getting slim. When it turned out that Lopez was pregnant with twins, the rumor mill about IVF started really churning. That's because multiple births are much more common among people using IVF than they are in just the general population. Despite that, Jennifer Lopez recently gave an interview in which she confirmed that was able to conceive the babies naturally. She also said that she misses the feeling of being pregnant; the babies were born about four weeks ago and are doing well. Question of the Day: Were you one of the folks who suspected that Lopez must've needed infertility treatments to get pregnant with twins? photo link
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