Infertility Treatment Success Story

There are many emotions ups and downs to deal with when it comes to infertility. That means that there are also many positives and negatives to report on when it comes to infertility news. It's always nice when the reports floating around lean towards the positive instead of the negative. Such is the case with a recent report on a family that struggled with infertility and survived it, raising two children happily for the past eleven years. The story made the news this year because the twins were leap year babies that recently celebrated their eleventh birthday. But there's more to the story than that. The parents had struggled with infertility and weren't sure that they'd ever conceive when they did get pregnant. They had triplets but they were born early and one of them died shortly after birth. The other two were in the hospital for the first five months of their life in order to receive the care that they needed. Despite these struggles, the children came home and are healthy. Eleven years later, the struggle with infertility isn't forgotten but it's no longer at the forefront of the family's concerns. Instead, they get to spend their days dealing with the ups and downs of being a family, just like any other family would have to whether they'd ever experienced issues with infertility or not! Question of the Day: What infertility success story can you share with us? photo link
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