Absence of Hunger Hormone Decreases Fertility

An interesting new study completed at the Yale School of Medicine reveals that there is a link between a hormone in the body that controls appetite and decreased fertility rates. The hormone is named grhelin but is better known by many as the "hunger hormone" because its main function is to curb food cravings in the body. The higher the amount of grhelin you have, the thinner that you will likely be because your appetite is naturally curbed. The study showed that lower levels of grhelin in the body also correlated with decreased fertility. In simpler terms - if you're obese and that obesity is caused by a lack of grhelin then you might be at risk of infertility issues as a direct result. It should be noted, however, that this was a preliminary study on the issue completed on non-human test subjects (rats). It will take significantly more research and a review of human subjects before it can be conclusively determined that lower levels of the "hunger hormone" are a cause of decreased fertility. Learn more here. Question of the Day: Why do you think there would be any sort of correlation between an appetite-suppressant hormone and infertility? photo link photo link
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