Author Confirms Intention to Write Children's Book About Surrogacy

At the beginning of this year we wrote about an interesting new children's book that had come out on the market. It is a book about adoption told from the adopted child's point of view. It is intended to serve as a tool for teaching adopted children about the process by which they came to be in their new families. Unique from the other material that is out there for adopted kids, it gained a lot of attention from the adoptive community. At the time that the information about this book came out, it was reported that the book might be the first in a whole series of books of a similar nature. This could be a great tool for moms who used infertility treatments to explain to their kids about the whole process behind how they came to be. The author of the book, Tamra Martin, has indeed confirmed that more books are going to follow. The next one that is planned is a book about surrogacy. Children who were brought into a family through the use of a surrogate mother may be able to better understand the complex situation that they're a part of once this book is released. Learn more about this here. Question of the Day: How do you think kids should learn about the infertility issues that surrounded their birth? photo link
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