Belgian Queen Breaks Silence on Infertility

Back in 1960 Queen Fabiola of Belgium was married to King Baudouin. As with most royal marriages, and with almost all marriages at that time in history, they were eager to start having children and extending their bloodline. However, those children never came and it's been a mystery to many ever since. The queen has now spoken out about the issue that no one has really talked about - infertility. Queen Fabiola admits that she got pregnant on five different occasions. On each of those five occasions, she was thrilled about the prospect of having a baby. On each of those five occasions, flowers were sent from everyone who was also excited about the new baby. And on each of those five occasions, the queen miscarried and no baby was born. While it was known to the public that she miscarried, the queen herself had never spoken about this issue before. She has now broken her silence in order to acknowledge the pain that these fertility issues caused for her. Being able to admit this openly shows the strength of her character to this day. Learn more here. Question of the Day: Is it surprising to you that the pain of infertility still plagues a woman who is nearly eight years of age? photo link
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