Controversial MN Surrogacy Bill Moves Forward in Senate

Last week we reported on a controversial bill related to surrogacy that was being debated in Minnesota. The bill would allow surrogate mothers and hopeful parents to enter into legally binding contracts with one another regarding the fertility agreement between them. This has historically not been allowed; surrogates have had to wait to give over rights to the baby after it was already born which has caused significant emotional problems for both surrogates and parents-to-be throughout the years. This bill would negate that problem (to some degree, there will always be strong emotions where fertility issues are concerned) but it's received a lot of opposition by people who call the contracts a form of "baby-selling". Despite this opposition, the Minnesota State Senate has given preliminary approval for the surrogacy bill to pass. The bill passed by a large percentage. It will now move on to the Minnesota House for additional review. So, it hasn't passed into legislation yet but it's one step closer as a result of the Senate's approval. Question of the Day: What are your reasons for or against the passage of this type of surrogacy contract legislation? photo link
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