Excitement Grows Over Growing Eggs in a Lab

Over the past few months, there have been a number of different headlines around the world which have highlighted the benefits of a new fertility treatment. The treatment allows women to preserve their eggs to be used at a later day; for example, cancer patients may use the treatment before starting cancer care in order to be able to have children despite the complications from cancer. The headlines have emphasized the value of the treatment for cancer survivors but also pointed out things like that women can now opt to wait longer to have kids with less concern about the fertility problems associated with aging. All of these headlines - and the study that they are based on - are succintly summarized in a new article. For women interested in what these stories have all been about, this article provides the basic details that they need to understand what's been causing everyone to buzz. It describes how the study was done, what the findings were and what the implications are for fertility medicine. You can read the article here. Question of the Day: Do you think that hyped headlines like these are good or bad for the infertility community? photo link
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