MN Surrogacy Bill Gets Attacked as "Baby-Selling"

The state of Minnesota is currently in the process of trying to clarify some of the terms of its residents' surrogacy agreements. The result has been an uproar with opposition to the new legislation likening surrogacy to things like "baby-selling" and "prostitution". The bill that Minnesota is considering isn't that shocking when you look at its details. It basically says that a woman who wants to be a surrogate mother must be at least twenty one years of age and must have her own legal counsel in order to make sure she understands what she's getting herself into. She must have previously already had one child (an interesting requirement). Ultimately, the goal is to clarify that the surrogate mother is carrying the child but that the parental rights go to the woman or couple that is planning to raise the baby. Ideally, this would be considered a safeguard for all involved. The surrogate mom has a better chance of understanding the implications of the agreement. The new parents are assured some legal rights for the amount of time and money they put in to have this baby. And the baby isn't hanging in limbo between one set of parents and another. As things currently stand, women can't give up their babies prior to their births and therefore the surrogate can change her mind at any time. Learn more here. Question of the Day: Do you believe that there should be legislation governing the details of surrogacy? photo link
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