3 Ways to Combat Male Infertility

Typically when we talk about fertility news, we are talking about the medical advances that have been made to assist women with infertility problems to have children. However, there are certainly cases in which the infertility problem is due to problems with the fertility of the male half of the relationship. According to a recent news article published by Adoption.com, there are some things that men can do to reduce the likelihood that they'll contribute to the infertility problem if it is caused by natural (as opposed to medical) sources. Those things include: - Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins. Using all-organic products and making sure that you live in a low-pollution area can help to reduce infertility that is caused by toxins. - Get off that bicycle seat. They say that bicycling regularly for long periods of time, particularly while wearing standard bike shorts, is harmful to the sperm. - Move to a cool-weather location where it rains a lot. Studies have shown that men have higher sperm counts and healthier sperm when they are living amidst weather that is cool and wet. Is it true that these choices can reduce male infertility? Perhaps; it certainly wouldn't hurt to try them out. If they fail, you can always work with a fertility specialist that is knowledgeable in treating male infertility issues. Question of the Day: Do you think that these methods of reducing male infertility are likely to be successful for the average person? photo link
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