AntiDepressants Okay In First Trimester

It has long been believed that women who were taking anti-depressants needed to stop their use of the medication as soon as they figured out that they were pregnant because of the risk that the baby would develop birth defects. However, a new study reveals that it should be safe to take certain anti-depressants all the way through the first trimester of a pregnancy. This is important news for all women but may be of particular interest to women suffering from infertility because of the fact that the fertility treatments themselves may cause so many emotional ups and downs. Going through fertility treatments is difficult and many women find that they struggle with depression and other emotional health problems throughout the process. While it's exciting to find out that you've finally gotten pregnant as the result of fertility treatments, it can be nerve-wracking to wonder if the pregnancy will lead to a successful birth. This stress can cause existing problems with depression to worsen. Of course, taking anti-depressants is complicated for your body. You should make sure to work closely with your fertility treatment doctor and your mental health professional to determine whether or not it's truly safe to take anti-depressants when you are undergoing fertility treatments. As the news changes about this issue, you should continue to discuss updates with your doctors. Question of the Day: Do you think women who get pregnant from fertility treatments should take the chance on taking anti-depressants during the pregnancy? photo link
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