Celebrity Infertility: Winokur Can Hardly Wait

We have reported in the past on the fact that Dancing with the Stars celebrity Marissa Jaret Winokur is expecting a child this year. Because she can not carry her own baby, she is using a surrogate to assist her and her husband with bringing a child to their family. The child, which is biologically hers, is due to arrive in the world on July 15th. However, Winokur seems to be a little bit anxious because she has recently said that she "knows" this baby is going to arrive earlier than scheduled. That brings up an interesting question about the intuition of mothers who are having children through surrogates. A mom's instinct is strong but is it strong enough to give the mother intuitive feelings even when her baby is being carried by another woman? It will be interesting to watch as July approaches whether Winkour is correct in her belief that the baby is going to be an early bird. If so, it could suggest that women's intuition can transcend the womb. Question of the Day: Do you think a mom's intuition is strong enough to allow her to make accurate predictions about a baby who is being carried by a surrogate? photo link
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