In Vitro Quints Graduate and Go To College

When you are in the process of trying to have a baby through assistance from fertility treatments, it can feel like life is never going to expand beyond the in vitro clinic. However, that's not the case. Examples of people who have dealt with infertility and moved beyond it to bigger wonders and concerns are all around us if we bother to take a look. For example, a case of quintuplets conceived via in vitro fertilization about eighteen years ago has recently made headlines again because the kids have all just graduated high school. All five of the children are on their way to college. When the parents were trying to get pregnant, they could surely only think about the process of in vitro fertilization and their hopes for having a baby. In the past eighteen years, they've had all of the other ups and downs of parenthood (and now they're probably figuring out how to send five kids to college at once!) You, too, will eventually get through the rough period of dealing with fertility problems and will go on to have a family and all of the ups and downs that come along with that. Question of the Day: Why is it so hard to see beyond fertility problems to a time when you'll just be a normal family? photo link
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