In Vitro Success Excites Hospital with Triplets

Triplets aren't a common occurrence at most hospitals. They are particularly rare at Morris Hospital which just experienced the birth of their first set of triplets to be born there in the past forty-plus years. The triplets were born last week after a mother in her late thirties experienced fertility treatment success with in vitro fertilization. The triplets are an interesting set - there are two identical twins and another one who is not identical. The mother was able to carry the birth through 35 weeks which is uncommon for multiple pregnancies of three or more babies. Considering the emotions behind the use of in vitro and the rarity of multiple births at this hospital, it was quite an exciting event for everyone. Learn more about this infertility treatment success story here. Question of the Day: How do you feel about a hospital getting so excited about the birth of in vitro babies? photo link
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