Infertility on Reality TV

As we mentioned yesterday, it can sometimes feel as though you're never going to get through the fertility treatments in order to actually move on with your life as a family. And as we noted, that moving on happens pretty darn quickly once the kids come along. You can now watch one family that's survived infertility deal with their lives as a busy family on a new reality television show on TLC. The family is "The Gosselin Ten". Parents Jon and Kate Gosselin struggled with infertility before eventually having eight children. They have a set of twins that are now seven years old and a set of sextuplets that are now age three. So they certainly have their hands full! In a candid television interview set to air next month, the couple is going to talk about the issues that they faced in trying to overcome infertility. They will also talk about what it's like trying to raise so many kids and what they do to make it work and to keep their own relationship alive. Question of the Day: Does the idea of multiple births deter you from fertility treatments? photo link
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