Life Saving Celebrity Surrogacy

Any time that a surrogate mother helps another woman to bring a child in to the world, it's an amazing gesture and a life-changing experience for everyone involved. However, it's usually not the case that the act of surrogacy will literally be life-saving for anyone involved. (Life-giving yes, life-saving no.) However, that's precisely what's going on with a really amazing case of generous surrogacy involving a celebrity family. Approximately two years ago, a surrogate assisted one family in successfully bringing children into their lives. The children are twins, Ryan and Hailey Kent, who have quickly became well-known in the world of chidl acting for their appearances on shows like Grey's Anatomy and Medium. But not all is rosy in the world of these young stars. Hailey has been diagnosed with leukemia and her life is at risk. The solution to this problem seems to be that Hailey needs umbilical cord stem cells which can only come from a sibling that is a one hundred percent match to her needs. Although they are twins, Ryan isn't a complete match. Instead, a new baby needs to be born which will be able to be a 100% match through the scientific use of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) during fertility treatments. A surrogate mother has agreed to help bring this sibling child in to the world to not only add to the family but to save the life of the child who is struggling to survive. Question of the Day: Do you think a surrogate should carry a child for the purpose of saving the life of an already-living sibling? photo link
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