Men With HIV Can Use Surrogates In California

Many people assume that we are a country which has equal rights for all. However, the reality is that there are many things that certain segments of society are not allowed to do. For example, it has long been the case that HIV+ men could not participate in surrogacy programs to help them start a family. However, change is in the air. One of the largest surrogacy agencies in the nation has announced that a new program has been set up to allow men with HIV to use surrogates to start a family. Because of advances in medicine, these men are even able to use their own sperm so that the surrogate truly is their biological child. Five men have already come to the company to work on starting a family using egg donation and surrogacy. The agency believes that a large number more should seek out their services as awareness about the programs spreads. Now that's some real equality. Learn about it here. Question of the Day: Do you think that allowing surrogacy for HIV+ men is relevant to the issue of equal rights? photo link
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