Parents Warned to Tell Adult Children not to Put Off Having Kids

Although there are many different causes of infertility, one of the ones that we hear the most about is the choice to delay childbearing into the later years. This is a tough one because it not only comes with all of the traditional emotional ups and down as other forms of infertility but also causes the couple involved to feel as though the situation is their fault. The weight of that issue could potentially get heavier since a doctor is urging the parents of adult children to encourage their kids not to delay their childbearing years. The trend has been to delay getting married into later years and therefore to push off the date of starting a family. This trend is due to a number of factors including a desire for prolonged higher education, interest in pursuing career paths and the need to develop a steady two-income home before having children. Unfortunately, there are negative trends associated with this including a higher incidence of infertility and the financial and emotional problems that come along with that. It is because of these negatives that Dr. Alan Singer has urged parents of adult children to plead the case with their kids that it's a mistake to put off childbearing. And he says that parents should help by providing financial support to young adults who are seeking to start a family but don't realistically have the funds to do so. It's an interesting approach to dealing with the problem of infertility but is it one that really makes sense? Question of the Day: Should parents take such a hands-on role in the fertility issues of their adult children? photo link
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