Tests that Predict Fertility

One of the biggest areas of interest in the world of fertility medicine today is the advances that are being made which allow women to work with their doctors to predict the natural life of their fertility. Headway is being made in the ability to do egg count testing which will allow a doctor to get a basic idea of what a woman's fertility is like and when it is likely to decline. This means that women in their twenties and thirties could potentially know what their "deadline" is to naturally conceive children. A recent article about this testing points out a really important fact which is that this is a new method of approaching fertility. In the past, we have always defined age-based infertility from the point of the future, looking back. In other words, we have said, "okay, this woman has stopped menstruating and has been going through menopause for siz to twelve months so now she is likely infertile". This new blood testing allows us to look at fertility from the present into the future. We can now say, " you have approximately this much time before your fertility will decline". This shift changes the way that fertility medicine will be approached from here on out. Question of the Day: Would you alter your family and career plans if a blood test showed that your fertility was likely to decline in your thirties? photo link
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