Woman Denied IVF Because of Her Sexuality

Dealing with issues of infertility is never easy. It doesn't matter what the reason is that you can't conceive naturally - be it because of disease, age, or your lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, some infertility treatment doctors have trouble recognizing that the emotional ups and downs of infertility are the same no matter what the cause. At least, that seems to be the case with a situation in Florida in which a woman was refused infertility treatments because of her sexuality. The woman is a lesbian who obviously can't conceive naturally since she doesn't have a male partner. She worked with doctors to get fertility treatments but was denied. The doctors eventually admitted that they were refusing her the treatments specifically because she is a lesbian. She had already undergone nearly one year of treatments before this admission was made. The woman has sued and the court is currently hearing the case in California. Question of the Day: Should infertility treatment doctors be able to decide that someone's lifestyle choices bar them from getting IVF?

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