Birth Control Being Tested in UK as Womb Cancer Treatment

Birth control is typically used for the purpose of preventing women from having children. However, there is a type of birth control called "the coil" which may actually help to make it possible for women to have children when they're ready to do so. At least, that is the hope for the doctors who are testing out the use of "the coil" as a possible treatment for womb cancer in high risk patients. If it is successful, this could mean that fertility problems would be preventable in the patients who use this product for this purpose. "The coil" is an intrauterine system which is designed to release hormones into the body for the purpose of preventing unwanted pregnancy. Those hormones are believed to be helpful in reducing the risk of womb cancer by reducing the thickness of the womb's walls. It is believed that this could be a key method of preventing the disease and saving the womb. Testing is currently taking place so more information will be revealed once the studies are complete. Learn more about this here. Question of the Day: Isn't it interesting that a method of birth control could be used to assist women in avoiding infertility? photo link
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