Dogs Can Sniff-Test for Ovarian Cancer

Just a few days ago we discussed the fact that there may soon be much simpler testing available for the detection of ovarian cancer. This disease is linked with infertility. Earlier detection allows for treatment and cures that could prevent problems with infertility from developing. The new blood test could lead in that direction. Today, there is a news story revealing that there may be yet another new test for ovarian cancer - and one that's quite different from what's out there today. Research has shown that ovarian cancer has a scent that differs from other types of cancer and that dogs can be trained to sniff out that scent. The study revealed that both early-stage and late-stage ovarian cancer has the same scent which theoretically means that it would be possible for trained dogs to detect this disease in earlier stages than is often the case with modern medicine. Of course, no one is actually suggesting that patients be sniffed out by dogs as a means of cancer screening. But it has been suggested that this information could be used in additional research which would allow for improved understanding about the nature of the disease. This could lead to medical breakthroughs which would reduce problems with ovarian cancer and could lead to higher survival rates as well as decreased infertility problems associated with the disease. Question of the Day: Should dogs be used to sniff test for ovarian cancer? photo link
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