Egg Freezing Successfully Allows Women to Postpone Motherhood

Significant advances have been made recently in the area of infertility medicine. New research has shown that egg freezing is successful for women who wish to postpone motherhood into their later years without risking serious problems with infertility. This has been a growing area of interest for infertility research because of the fact that so many women in today's world start their careers and carry out long relationships before deciding to have children, thus postponing motherhood later and later than in the past. The new study, said to be the largest of its kind, proved that children who are born from frozen eggs are equally as healthy as those who are born through traditional IVF and are also just as healthy as those kids who are born naturally. This was an area of concern for mothers seeking to postpone starting their families and is now one that they may not have to worry about so much. Learn more about this important study here. Question of the Day: Would you be more likely to postpone motherhood if you knew that you could have healthy children later in life? photo link
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