Hysteroscopy Instead of Hysterectomy To Prevent Infertility

Women who are found to have precancerous lesions of the endometrium have traditionally had to undergo a hysterectomy to prevent destruction of the body by the disease. For many women, this has felt like a type of destruction in and of itself because of the harm it does to the woman's ability to have children. An alternative to the hysterectomy, called the hysteroscopy, is successful in ridding the body of early signs of cancer while still preserving the body's fertility. A five-year study confirmed the effectiveness of this procedure. It is noted that this procedure requires more extensive follow-up care than the hysterectomy. However, none of the patients in the study developed cancer and they were all able to maintain their fertility. This is considered to be an ideal solution for women who are planning to have children in the future but who are found to have precancerous lesions at a young age. Question of the Day: Will it become common to use the hysteroscopy instead of the hysterectomy in order to preserve fertility? photo link
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