Movie Depicts Fertility Options of Gay Couples

There is a documentary being released this week at Outfest, the gay and lesbian film festival that takes place each June in New York, which depicts the different fertility options that are available to gay couples. The film, entitled Fatherhood Dreams, is designed to discuss the challenges of parenting that are faced by gay couples. However it also serves to shed light on the different ways that couples in this position deal with the issue of fertility. One of the most interesting cases presented in the documentary is the case of a man who is expecting twin children after using a surrogate to bring the children to life. This option allows the gay male to have children that are biologically his. For many gay couples, this option is preferred to options like adoption which don't create that biological bond that some parents consider to be of utmost importance. Question of the Day: What fertility options make the most sense for gay couples today? photo link
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