Researchers Study Architecture of Ovaries

Infertility research has taken us a long way towards understanding and treating problems with fertility. However, more work is needed in this area and some researchers believe that this requires approaching the topic in more innovative ways than have been done in the past. Typically, researchers that are interested in questions related to infertility will use a process of measuring the hormones and genes in the body to get answers to their questions. A new set of research is now being explored which instead looks at the architecture and behavior of the woman's ovaries. It is believed by these researchers that taking this new perspective on issues of infertility can provide insight into the topic that hasn't been obtained in the past. The particular goal of the study is to get a better understanding of age-related infertility in order to allow women to have children into their later years without infertility complications. Learn more about this fascinating new approach to infertility research here. Question of the Day: Why haven't researchers previously studied the architecture of the ovaries in order to answer questions related to infertility? photo link
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