Surrogacy Program for HIV+ Men Stirs Up Controversy

We mentioned a short while back that there was a new program available in California which allowed HIV+ men to use surrogates to start a family. Men who have been wishing for a long time that they could raise children were excited about the news and several immediately called the agency that is providing these services. However, not everyone is pleased with the new situation. In fact, it's stirred up a lot of controversy. Some of the controversy comes from people who don't believe that HIV+ individuals should raise kids. Some comes from people who have general concerns about gay men raising kids. And some comes from fears that the surrogate and/or the baby could be infected with HIV. All of these concerns are unfounded. This boils down to an issue of civil rights in this country. Most people want to raise a family and it isn't up to the rest of us to decide who should be allowed that right. There are certainly people out there who shouldn't be parents but that's not dependent on their medical status or their sexual orientation. This surrogacy organization fills a niche need within the infertility community despite all of the controversy that has come up around it. Question of the Day: Should HIV+ men be allowed to use surrogates to start families? photo link

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