Telling Kids They Came From Donor Sperm

It is never easy to figure out how to tell your children about the issues surrounding their conception and birth. Even for parents who don't deal with infertility problems, the whole "where did I come from?" question is a tough one. For parents who use alternative methods of conception, the issue gets even more complicated. But a new study shows that some parents may want to think about dealing with the issue sooner rather than later. The study reveals that those people who are brought into this world through the use of donor sperm are highly likely to feel angry about the situation if they are not told about it until early adulthood. They feel betrayed by the fact that a father who wasn't a birth father raised them without ever revealing this information. Parents who conceal this information often have the best of intentions. After struggling with infertility, they may be so overjoyed to have their family in place that they don't want to do anything to throw the situation off balance. However, experts believe that it's important to reveal the truth behind the birth at an early age (as would be the case with adoption). Learn more about this touchy subject here. Question of the Day: At what age would it be appropriate for a child to learn that he or she was conceived through the assistance of donor sperm? photo link
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