30 Year Anniversary of IVF Success

This coming Friday, July 25th, marks the thirty year anniversary of what was then dubbed the world's first "test tube baby". The first baby to be born successfully through IVF will be celebrating a thirtieth birthday on this day and the world of infertility medicine should take a moment to pause and think about how far things have come in the field since that time. Thirty years ago, no one was sure if the process of IVF was going to be successful. Many questions were raised about the ethics and the science and the risks and rewards of this procedure. Today, it is a common procedure designed to assist families who are haveing difficulty with conceiving a child due to either medical reasons or life choices. There are certainly still many advances to be made in infertility medicine but the world has come a long way in this area in just thirty years. Learn more about the differences between then and now from this article reflecting on the issue. Question of the Day: What changes have occurred in IVF in the last thirty years? photo link
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