Celebrity Infertility: Dixie Chicks

The women from the band The Dixie Chicks have not been shy about sharing their struggles with infertility with the world around them. They have also stood as examples of the fact that infertility can be overcome since two of the three women have had successful pregnancies as the result of IVF treatments. Last fall Dixie Chick Martie Maguire announced that she had a round of successful IVF treatments and that she was pregnant again. She has already successfully had twins through the use of IVF. The announcement has come that Maguire gave birth (at age 38) to a healthy baby. She is feeling great despite the fact that she had to deal with the issues of infertility to get to this point. Question of the Day: Are there are other celebrity infertility stories that make you feel as inspired as the success stories of the Dixie Chicks? photo link
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