Men Struggle When Infertility Is Perceived as "Their Fault"

Dealing with infertility is difficult for all couples but it may be even more difficult for couples who are coping with male factor infertility in comparison with couples that are dealing with infertility related to an issue with the female's fertility levels. Men may consider themselves to be failures if they perceive themselves to be "at fault" for the infertility issues in the relationship. This can cause them to have higher stress levels and it can severely compromise the couple's relationship. A recent study suggests that infertility of all types is stressful for both the individuals in a relationship and the couple as a unit. Findings of the study indicate that the problem may not be worse for male factor infertility but the study isn't definitive and some continue to believe that male factor infertility causes greater rates of stress and problems for the couple. More research is necessary to determine for sure what the impact of male factor infertility is on the couple's relationship as compared to when the problem is perceived to be a female problem. Question of the Day: Does male factor infertility cause more problems for the relationship than female factor infertility? photo link
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