Premie Twins After IVF May Be Predictable

One of the risks that we take when we use in vitro fertilization to get pregnant is the risk that more than one of the embroys transferred during the procedure is going to become a child. There is a higher likelihood of having twins or triplets with IVF than with natural conception as a result of the way that the procedure is done. There is also the risk that these children will be born premature. A new study indicates that a test looking at the size of the uterus may be able to help predict whether premie twins developed through IVF will be likely to result in a premature birth. The study shows that a woman with a smaller than average uterus is going to have a greater chance of having a premature baby. This fact increases the likelihood that the baby will be born with health complications or that it may not survive the birth. A doctor can use a transvaginal ultrasound before IVF in order to determine the size of the uterus. This could allow the patient to choose to implant less embryos. While this will increase the likelihood that the IVF may be unsuccessful, it will also make it less likely than successful IVF will result in multiple births that may end up premature. Question of the Day: Would you choose to implant less embryos in IVF if told that you had a small uterus? photo link
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