Simple Vein Treatment Reduces Male Infertility

In the majority of cases where couples are having trouble with conceiving a child, the problem is not both halves of the couple but instead is either an issue with the woman or an issue with the man. It may be possible to significantly reduce the number of couples who are having trouble conceiving due to male infertility - at least that's what's indicated by the positive results of a new study regarding a simple vein treatment given to men who are having fertility issues. The study found that a significant portion of men who are having trouble getting a woman pregnant are suffering from blockages in the veins of the scrotom. A simple non-invasive procedure can be used to essentially loosen up those blockages and get everything flowing again. In twenty-five percent of these cases, nothing else needed to be done for the woman in the partnership to get pregnant after this procedure. Question of the Day: What percentage of male infertility is caused by blockages in the veins? photo link
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