Soy May Increase Male Infertility

One of the major problems associated with male factor infertility is a low sperm count. The fewer sperm you have, the less likely it is that one of them is going to reach the egg and impregnate your female partner. And a new study indicates that you may be exacerbating this problem if you regularly consume soy products. The study found that men who consume soy products on a regular basis are significantly more likely to have a low sperm count. This could mean that soy consumption reduces sperm count and contributes to male factor infertility. It should be noted, however, that a lot of questions can be raised about this study. For example, seventy five percent of the men in the study were overweight which could mean that there is a link between being overweight and having a low sperm count. It did seem that men who had high soy consumption and who were also obese suffered from a particularly low count of sperm. Additional studies would need to be completed to determine if there truly is a link between soy consumption and the decrease of sperm count. Question of the Day: Does soy reduce sperm count and therefore impact male fertility? photo link
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