What About Women with Unsuccessful IVF?

Researchers who study infertility medicine and the effects of in vitro fertilization almost always study the results of successful in vitro fertilization. Alternatively, they may look at unsuccessful IVF with an eye towards what can be done to make the treatment more successful. They look at things like the rate of effectiveness of the treatment, the health of those babies born after fertility treatments and other factors that are ultimately based on the eventual success of IVF treatments. But what about those women who go through the whole process of IVF and never conceive? A ground-breaking new study has taken a look at what happens to women after unsuccessful IVF. Rather than focusing on what went wrong with the treatment in order to improve treatment rates for others, this study looked at the emotional impact that unsuccessful treatments have on women. The study suggests that this can be an astoundingly difficult time for the woman and that fertility doctors must make sure that the patient has adequate emotional, psychological and social resources to get through this time period. Question of the Day: What is the effect of unsuccessful in vitro fertilization on the women who go through it? photo link
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