Celebrity Surrogacy: Katey Segal

How would you feel about being the surrogate mom to a famous actress? Celebrity surrogacy is actually not as rare as you might imagine it to be if you are someone who doesn't know a whole lot about celebrity infertility issues. Kelly Klein and Marissa Jaret Winokur are two examples of famous women who have had children through assistance by a surrogate. And now you can add Katey Segal to the list of ladies who have started their families this way. Katey Segal was already fifty when she finally decided to get married to the current love of her life. Some women might still try and have kids at that age but most women know that the biological clock has ticked and tocked enough by then to not be in the best working order. Segal explored a number of different infertility treatment options and decided to go with celebrity surrogacy. She reportedly found the process to be easy breezy and is now raising a one-year-old child with the help of her surrogate. Question of the Day: Who would you want to be a celebrity surrogate mom for? photo link
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