Infertility Medicine Partners with Cancer Medicine

An articled published in today's edition of Newsweek highlights the important changes that are taking place in medicine which are bringing together two radically different fields - oncology and the treatment of infertility. The article calls the merging of the two areas of medicine an entirely new field dubbed "oncofertility". The article points out that there once was a time when cancer patients were primarily concerned with whether or not they would live through the cancer. As cancer treatment has improved, the focus has become more on not just how to live but how to live a high quality life. This has made cancer patients more interested in things like having kids after cancer. Approximately half of the people who receive treatment for cancer are going to cause problems to their fertility. Options like the freezing of eggs prior to cancer treatment are therefore becoming more common. Learn more about the article here. Question of the Day: Should there be a special field of medicine for the infertility treatment of cancer patients? photo link
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