Recommended Reading: His and Her Mini Toolkit for Infertility

There is a couple who works together to offer books that provide useful advice to couples from both a male perspective and a female perspective. Their latest book is on the topic of infertility. It discusses the causes of infertility, the options that are available to treat infertility and the methods that they recommend for coping with infertility. It is called the His and Her Mini Toolkit for Infertility and the authors are Craig and Amy Carpentieri. The authors are both Sufi spiritual healers so it should be noted that there is some level of spirituality to the books that they write. However, this is not forced upon you as you read. Instead, their beliefs are used to illuminate the importance of staying emotionally stable while trying to deal with infertility. Their best advice is to remain optimistic about the likelihood of conceiving during infertility treatments because this seems to have an inexplicable ability to improve results. Learn more about the book from this review. Question of the Day: Does an optimistic attitude improve your chances of success with in vitro fertilization and other infertility treatments?

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