Should Women Be Paid For Egg Donation That Goes To Research?

There are a lot of women out there who choose to get involved in egg donationfor the purpose of helping a family who can't have children to conceive. However there is definitely a monetary incentive that encourages these women to participate in the transaction. The business is closely monitored and those women who are participating solely for the money are often weeded out of the system but there's no doubt that a lot of the women who do donate eggs wouldn't do so if they weren't paid. This is a controversial issue that gets even more controversial when you start talking about using the eggs for research. Although it is legal for women to get paid to donate their eggs to a specific couple for the purpose of conception, it is currently illegal for them to receive payment to donate their eggs to research centers. There are people on both sides of this issue.

"Supporters of such bans say that they are necessary to avoid creating a market for human eggs that encourages women to risk their health for "speculative science," the Chronicle reports. However, opponents of the bans argue that they are creating shortages of eggs, which is what has kept scientists from making advances that prove the potential of stem cell research."

Researchers claim that they have attempted to get egg donations without payment and they have been unsuccessful. That monetary incentive is stronger than you might think. Question of the Day: Should women be allowed to receive payment for egg donation when the eggs are going towards fertility medicine research? photo link

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