Three Sisters, One Child

There is a very unique case of infertility treatment between three sisters that was successful a few years back and is about to be repeated. One sister was infertile. She was incapable of getting pregnant and she was also incapable of donating eggs to a surrogate. Each sister contributed a part of that equation and the infertile sister was able to start her family. The child is now three and the sisters are going to help again so that the family can be complete. This was an unusual case not only because there were sisters involved but also because there were three women involved in the situation. One sister donated the eggs, one sister carried the baby and the third sister is raising the child. The eggs were frozen the first time that the procedure was done so it was not necessary for the donating sister to give any more eggs. They just had to use the frozen eggs to allow the carrying sister to get pregnant again. Question of the Day: Is this the most unique case of surrogacy that has taken place?

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