Types of Books about Infertility

You have a lot of choices about where to turn to get information about infertility issues. You can discuss this with friends and family members who have gone through it. You can join an infertility support group. You can turn to the internet, look at medical news and talk the issue over with a doctor that specializes in infertility. But even as you do all of these things, you should strongly consider reading books about infertility. Books are going to give you a different perspective on the issue than what you can get from other resources and they serve as a really important part of your arsenal of educational tools regarding infertility. As you start to look for books about infertility, you will find that there are different types of books on this topic. There are medical books that provide great information but that can be difficult to read. There are self-help books designed to give you emotional support and psychological information for dealing with infertility. And there are memoirs from people who have dealt with this before you. Question of the Day: What types of infertility books are the most useful for people who are dealing with infertility and seeking additional information about the topic?

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