Male-Factor Infertility Linked with Cell Phones

Much of the infertility information that we discuss on fertility blogs is female-factor infertility caused by a variety of different things including simply the aging of women who wish to get pregnant later in life. However, there is also such a thing as male-factor infertility. It, too, can be caused by many different things and new research shows that one of those things is the use of cell phones. Research has found that men who use hands-free devices with their cell phones but who leave their cell phones in their pants pockets while using these devices are taking chances with their fertility rates. Basically any guy who is keeping his cell phone too close to where his sperm is kept and who is using the phone there is exposing himself unnecessarily to harmful radiofrequency electromagnetic waves. This compromises fertility and could lead to the need for fertility treatments to have children later in life. Learn more here. Question of the Day: Are cell phones generally linked with infertility? photo link
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