UK Sets Guidelines for Reducing Multiple Births with IVF

One of the biggest concerns that women have about using in vitro fertilization to get pregnant is the fear that they are going to get pregnant with twins, triplets or even more babies than that. This has historically been the case with IVF because of the number of embryos that are fertilized in an attempt to get pregnant. Improvements in the IVF procedure have reduced the number of multiple birth pregnancies that occur in recent years. However, there is still the risk of becoming pregnant with two or more babies at a time when using IVF to get pregnant. The only certain way to use IVF and eliminate the risk of multiple births is to choose to use a process called single embryo transfer. As the name suggests, only one embryo can then be fertilized. The risk is greater that the IVF will be unsuccessful but some women are willing to take this risk to avoid multiple births from IVF. New guidelines for this procedure have been set forth in the UK and are worth taking a look at for a better understanding of what it's all about. They can be examined here. Question of the Day: Should there be specific guidelines in place for single embryo transfer IVF in addition to those established for general IVF? photo link
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