UVC Lights Improve CPR Rates for IVF Patients

An extensive multi-year research project has discovered that the use of UVC lights can improve CPR rates for patients who are using IVF to get pregnant. That's a lot of acronyms there. Let's break it down:
- UVC lights: These are "ultraviolet c" lights which emit energy that has the potential to destroy over ninety percent (and sometimes close to one hundred percent) of the germs that can be harmful to embryos in a lab.
- CPR: This is the acronym which stands for "clinical pregancy rates". It refers to the success rates of lab-assisted pregnancies.
- IVF: This is the commonly-used acronym for the process of in vitro fertilization which many couples use when struggling with fertility issues and seeking to get pregnant.
What this research study means is that it is possible to improve the success rates for those couples that are using in vitro fertilization to get pregnant. This can be done in the lab through the assitance of advanced technology that incorporate Ultraviolet C lights into the process to reduce the germ factor of the procedure. The full details of this research can be learned here. Question of the Day: Should UVC lights be used to improve fertility rates for IVF patients? photo link
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