Home Basics May Be Linked to Infertility

Household_Chemicals_FertilityProRegistry_Blog_Jan09.jpg Bloomberg News today released a study done by fertility experts discussing the hazards and harms inside a persons home. Chemicals found in your home, which most woman use daily are meant to be linked to fertility issues: skin cream, floss, and non-stick pans hinder successful fertility instances. Bloomberg's Chantall Britt reported, "The compounds, known as perfluorinated chemicals or PFCs, may interfere with hormones that are involved in reproduction, Fei wrote in the study. The father's sperm quality may also be affected by the chemicals and contribute to the problem, he said. "Animal studies have shown that these chemicals may have a variety of toxic effects on the liver, immune system and developmental and reproductive organs," Fei said." The reason researchers looked at household products was because more and more reports were released about infertile couples seeking out natural pregnancies.
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