IVF and Genetic Screening

A recent breakthrough in the fertility industry has recently made headlines and controversy. A British couple, fully capable of naturally conceiving, opted for IVF and genetic screening to bypass three generations of hereditary breast cancer. The happy and eager mother said to the Times, "To be able to look at our daughter and to know that she doesn't have the gene is a massive sigh of relief for us. We have eliminated that risk and that is priceless." The happy couple underwent months of invasive IVF therapy in order to produce a healthy cancer-free baby. They produced 11 embryos and 5 which were found to be clean of the breast-cancer gene. Similarly, the other healthy embryos have been frozen for later use. The couple is also thrilled to be considered pioneers of genetic screening during IVF. Although the couple is thrilled about this breakthrough, many people are questioning the ethics involved in embryo screening.
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