IVF Success Rates

In recent months infertility treatments, more specifically In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has been the talk of the town in Australia and in many news sources around the nation. Due in part to the recent lax laws surrounding IVF treatment, egg donation and surrogacy. Today news.com.au has said that fertility experts may soon be able to provide infertile couples with more specific numbers in their chances for successful pregnancy after IVF. "Up until now, doctors have only been able to estimate pregnancies per IVF cycle, not the patient's chance of having a baby. What it shows is the vast majority of women who go on with IVF (up to six cycles) will end up having a baby.'' Infertility affects millions of people in Australia, figures that resemble that of the United States. So now with more data provided to infertile couples, chances of successful IVF births may increase because couples will wait out at least 6 cycles before having the baby. Positive headway has been made in researching fertility treatments over the past decade, and with less stringent laws more and more people in Australia, and maybe even worldwide, may be able to overcome their infertility issues.
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