Diet may have link to Fertility Ailments

diet_habit_fertility_blog_Feb09.jpg Poor diet clearly will adversely affect your health and physique, but recent studies are showing that poor diet may also be a factor in fertility problems. Coupled with bad eating habits and overindulgence comes the lack of exercise. Lifestyle has a serious and significant role in a woman's successful conception or successful insemination (In Vitro Fertilization). This however is not just for women bearing children, men with poor diets and lack of fitness carry less testosterone thus impairing fertility chances as well. The study shows, "They found the women with the highest fertility diet scores ate less trans fat and sugar from carbohydrates, more protein from vegetables than animals, more fiber and more iron. They also took more multivitamins, had lower BMIs, exercised for longer periods each day and ate more high-fat dairy products than low-fat ones.Women who exercise 30 minutes every day and have a BMI of 20 to 24 have the best chance of getting pregnant." If you want to avoid fertility issues, one way to prevent them may be to better your lifestyle by increasing your fitness and improving your eating habits. Throw away the junk food and sign up at your local gym.
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