Fertility Fiends

baby_health_fertility_blog_Feb09.jpg No I'm not referring to our mother 14 the ever notorious Nadya Suleman. The fertility fiends I'm referencing are those in southern California fertility clinics who are hoping to make a penny or two off infertile couples. These so-called fertility experts are giving many struggling couples the hope and chance for children, but in doing so they are also making a heap of money by offering patients seeking treatment the chance to pick their child's eye color, hair color and complexion. According to the LA Times many of these clinics already offer gender picking for patients undergoing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Allan Goldberg the LA Times columnist said in his article about choosing babies health not looks, "Now the Fertility Institutes is corrupting this lifesaving clinical procedure by using it to help families create designer babies, and I worry that their excesses will turn public sentiment against all preimplantation genetic diagnosis. That would be wrong." But amidst the already tumultuous fertility industry and recent faux pas with the octuplet fiasco, is it really a necessity to pick our children's aesthetic traits? Shouldn't we be focusing on producing healthy children via infertility treatments?
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